Chattanooga Vol Navy, it’s football time!!!
Our annual trip to the Alabama vs Tennessee game is upon us. Many of you go each year and can share what a memorable weekend it will be. It’s a great atmosphere and cruising up in October is special. Mild weather and the fall colors are beautiful on Watts Bar Lake! 
We will leave the morning of Wednesday, October 17 and travel to Ft Loudon Marina and transient there that night. Calhouns, the restaurant at the marina, is great for dinner and socializing. You will need to reserve transient dockage by calling 865-986-5536. I recommend re-fueling, pumping out and filling up on water while we’re there at Ft. Loudon. 
We will depart Thursday morning by 9:00am and cruise into Knoxville. It’s approximately a two hour run. Once there, Patrick and I will get our raft up started and add others as they come. There are great restaurants close by for dinner that night. Friday night there will be an event for all to attend starting at 6:00pm. Saturday is Game Day!!!
Sunday morning we will leave by 8 am. Some go straight back to Chattanooga, while some spend the night at Ft Loudon , Blue Springs or Terrace View Marina on Watts Bar Lake. If you’re looking to drop a hook instead on stay at a marina, there are some great coves on Watts Bar. There is also talk of a side trip up the Little Tennessee. The options are endless! What a great time of year for boating weather! You can call for details and questions. Call Marty at 423-208-8033 or Patrick at 423-280-1999. Email us with your plans to attend with your boat size and number of guest on your boat to make it a smooth trip. 
iDeal Yachts is looking forward to hosting a great weekend with great people!!!
Marty Puryear