For years, football fans have traveled on their boats to Neyland Stadium and rafted out with fellow fans or foes.  You just never know who will see there, ready to support their team from the water.  

Neyland Stadium is a rare place, as it's one of the few you can travel to by boat and only be a couple hundred yards away.  There is nothing like the energy of the boaters, "sailgating" before the game, strategizing to cheer their team to victory.

Sara, the kids and I traveled up for the TN vs AL game last Saturday.  Knowing that AL would probably win, this didn't seem to damper anyones spirt.  The docks were as full as I have ever seen, with boat and yachts from all over the southeast.  This was Landon's Birthday, and he wanted to go and see all the different types of boats and do some boat hopping.  We saw many friends and met some new ones.  What a beautiful day it was.  

If you ever have dreams of making the trip, Sara and I are already planning for next year, send us a line, and GO VOLS!